A SaaS platform helping Food & Beverage vendors, distribution centers, and local farmers to make better-informed decisions about their workflow and resource allocation.
Fengxiang Guopeng, meaning “Beebox Fruit Trellis,” is an online platform connecting the suppliers of raw agricultural products, sorting service providers, and catering businesses in China, while also helping with information management concerning purchasing, storage, delivery, accounting, and more.
The platform is an effective solution to the burdened, complicated circulation of raw agricultural products in China. It optimizes the end-to-end supply chain, simplifies the circulation process, thus transforming the ways people participate in trading agricultural products and creating a resource-sharing, mutually beneficial ecosystem of agricultural commerce.




For years, the Chinese government has been issuing its annual “No.1 Central Document,” emphasizing on solving the “Three Rural Issues (agriculture, rural areas, and farmers).” Fengxiang Guopeng’s innovative business model helps to solve the industry’s pain point and has won full support from Alibaba shareholders and endorsement from the government. In September 2017, Fengxiang Guopeng joined ToJoy’s business incubation platform. In December, the company has completed its Series A funding with a market evaluation of $14.9 million USD. As of February 2019, it has teamed up with 81 joint-venture partners and raised $2.86 million USD, with the Zhengzhou- and Beijing-based joint ventures its subsidiary companies.

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