A vending machine serving a wide range of coffee, tea and cocoa selections, with an operating area of only 0.8 square meters.




Coffee 0.8 is a vending machine that serves at the quality level of a premium café. It can be seen in office buildings, subway stations, airports, colleges, streets, etc. Coffee 0.8 offers a variety of drinks, all brewed at peak flavors and at the perfect temperature. Every drink is developed by the former world champion team of the Siphonist competition. All coffee beans are selected from six countries of origin and roasted in less than 30 days before being distributed to Coffee 0.8 machines. Besides coffee, Coffee 0.8 provides tea, chocolate and an addition of 30 drinks catered to different tastes of customers. Because of the high quality and pleasant user experience, its parent company, Zero Point Space Technology, was recognized as the Golden Seed Enterprise and designated as the official coffee provider of World Siphonist Championship.




Coffee 0.8 is expected to officially debut in ToJoy’s symposium in the summer of 2019. As of May 2019, Coffee 0.8 has over 1,500 machines in 7 cities in China, valued at $57.87 million USD.