A hotel brand creating smart device-enabled premium internationally-flavored experiences.
The Exotic hotels are managed by Topreal Hotel Management Co., Ltd., a leading innovative hotel manager in China.
The Beijing-based company offers a selection of elegant designs and a variety of premium fabrics sourced from top suppliers across the globe.ATopreal’s “new five-star” smart hotel Exotic series break the ground by transforming hotels into cultural experience stores, where everything you lay eyes on is up for sale. Featuring exotic cultures, the hotels are equipped with smart devices, which help them cut costs and boost revenues.




After eight years of efforts, the company has grown into an international hotel brand, with two Exotic series, “Exotic Scenery” and “Exotic Impression,” and three subsidiary brands — Imperial Hotel, Royal Hotel, and Majestic Hotel. Rooms at Royal Hotels are priced at around $100 on average, with an occupancy rate of 97% and a net profit margin of 36%. Rooms at the Majestic Hotels are priced at $50, with an occupancy rate of 91% and a net margin profit of 40%. As of September 2018, the company is valued at $26.1 million USD.
A multifunctional complex, the hotels are ideal for business accommodation and entertainment, business trip, vacation, and shopping. It is the company’s mission to “bring surprise and joy to customers, to exceed their expectations, and to create a moving experience for them.” Exotic Hotel aims at becoming an extraordinary international hotel brand with a unique culture.

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