The “Uber” for quick delivery services through a vast network of local suppliers.
Sousou Shenbian connects customers and local vendors via its mobile applications: Sousou Shenbian (meaning “by your side”) and Sousou Qiangke (meaning “ready for clients”).
Customers can place orders with one-click on Sousou Shenbian, and the algorithm will match the orders with partnering vendors nearby. The vendors will be assigned orders on a first-come-first serve basis via Sousou Qiangke. To ensure quick delivery, besides teaming up with more local suppliers, the company is also opening its own retail stores across China.




By the end of 2017, Sousou Shenbian has grown a 500,000-strong user base and a network of over 2 million vendors, with its apps getting downloaded more than 40 million times. In December 2017, it partnered with ToJoy and entered a rapid stage of growth. As of February 2019, Sousou Shenbian has signed on with 468 operating partners to develop the company in multiple Chinese cities and received an amount of $51 million USD in investment. The company has recently added 452 stores.

1K → 400K